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Should My Business Look For IT Asset Recovery Services?

recycle it equipment

At some point, your business will probably need to upgrade your computers or IT equipment. Even the best computers from the most reputable brands will become outdated over time, which can hold back your business’s productivity.

Even if your business’s computers are old, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to purchase new ones. Many computers can be repaired and upgrades and used in your business for many more months or even years.

However, if you decide your business can truly no longer use your current IT equipment, you may want to liquidate those items for revenue that your business can invest in other ventures.

Your business may also benefit from IT asset recovery services if your business is downsizing or moving, if you are looking for more ecologically-friendly equipment, or if you need to eliminate the costs of storing unused IT equipment.

There are many companies all across the country that provide IT asset recovery services. Here are three things to consider when choosing a company to provide your businesses with these services.


There are many companies that will charge you a fee for picking up and disposing of your old IT equipment. They justify the cost because they have to use their time, employees, and equipment to do the pick up and process your items. However, these companies will usually make a commission from the sale of the equipment itself. Look for a company that does not charge a pick up fee on top of fees for their recycling services.

Data Destruction

While these companies should safely and securely destroy any data on your computers’ hard drives, some companies without a good reputation will not do so. We have heard of hard drives from computers at hospitals arriving to their next user with patients’ information still on them. This means your business’s or your customer’s sensitive information may be floating around out there for anyone to view and potentially use with malicious intent. Make sure to choose a company with a good reputation and method for data destruction to protect your business.

Environmental Factors

Lastly, make sure the company you choose recycles equipment in an environmentally responsible way.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose reliable IT asset management services to maximize your business’s revenue and achieve your goals. Contact us today to ask about the asset recovery services we can provide for your business’s needs.

Three Wholesale Business Mistakes To Avoid

wholesale electronics business

Buying and reselling wholesale electronics is a good way to make a profit, but it isn’t easy. There are many obstacles you may face, and you have to be ready to deal with these challenges as they arise. Mistakes are a part of any entrepreneur’s journey, but all savvy business owners know they can learn from the mistakes of others. Avoid these common pitfalls so your business can be a success.

Not Understanding Your Product

Many people assume all computers or other technology items are more or less the same. Most people understand how the basic features (like RAM or CPU speed, for example) will affect value, but there is so much more that can contribute to an item’s worth. Brand, exact model number, or type of CPU or RAM are some examples. Even if two computers look about the same, there may be some small but very important internal differences that affect the price. Likewise, you may assume that because something is new, it is worth money and if it is old, it should just be recycled. Again, this is not always the case. There are many buyers out there looking for vintage computers and other technology items.

Be sure you have a firm understanding of your equipment inside and out before you start to buy and sell, or you may end up making some pretty pricey mistakes with your inventory.

Selling In The Wrong Market

In order to be successful in any business venture, you have to understand your target market. Goods that may not be worth very much in the United States may have a lot of value in other countries. This is especially true for technology equipment. Be sure you are selling the right products to the right customers, or you could be missing out on some important opportunities for your business.

Buying From The Wrong Suppliers

Buying from the wrong suppliers is a costly but very common mistake new business owners make. Many novice business owners often overpay for goods, so their profit margins are small or even non-existent. Research your suppliers carefully before purchasing anything to ensure that the goods you will receive are exactly as you expect them to be. Also, look for suppliers that do not already have a lot of buyers. Suppliers who have a lot of demand for their products will be able to drive the prices up higher than you can pay.

Starting a new wholesale business is exciting and rewarding, but there are also many pitfalls if you don’t approach it carefully. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid the most common problems new business owners face when operating a wholesale or bulk sales business.